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Back Delhi engineer finds job after applying to 150 firms in 8 months

After being grew to become down with the aid of using over a hundred and fifty companies in 8 months, a software program engineer from Delhi these days were given a task. Taking to LinkedIn the techie defined that best 10 out of greater than a hundred and fifty companies had replied to his application. 

"It`s been a hard time for the tech enterprise reason of the layoffs," Farhan shared on LinkedIn. As he defined, it were a ways more difficult to acquire a task after he received a few paintings experience - compared to his efforts as a clean graduate. 

 "I confronted masses of rejections at some stage in this time for numerous reasons. I were on a task seek due to the fact that July 2022. I become amazed that obtaining a task no matter being skilled become tough as in comparison to after I become a clean graduate."

Farhan had “carried out to greater than a hundred and fifty businesses" and obtained a reaction from approximately 10 of them. Interviews have been scheduled with six businesses. While he had surpassed all of the rounds and become scheduled for a very last interview at Amazon's Scotland office, a hiring freeze become introduced round this time. 

Farhan additionally observed himself inside Google India's hiring process, however become grew to become down after one of the rounds. Farhan had formerly labored for Zomato and made unsuccessful tries to paintings with 3 mid-sized startups. 

He claimed that the companies "ditched" him after the very last spherical of interviews because of problems with the hiring budget. He brought that the companies added up those problems after requiring him to paintings "take-domestic assignments" for greater than 60 hours.

However, matters ultimately grew to become out nicely for him in February as he become employed with the aid of using a web marketplace.

As according to him the tech enterprise's layoffs, have made it more difficult than traditional for task seekers to locate paintings. As hazard of a recession looms, massive tech businesses like Amazon, Meta, and Google have reduce heaps of jobs in latest months, in addition compounding employment woes. 

“If you are additionally on a task seek and in particular in case you are a clean graduate seeking to begin your profession then do not get discouraged... You should continuously paintings in your abilities and make significant connections. Just do your paintings, deliver your best, and depart the relaxation to God," he concluded.

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